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Join Us!


  • $15.00 Per Semester (for members that use the equipment)

  • Studio access

  • Official WODU T-Shirt  





WODU Studios Membership Agreement:

If accepted as a WODU Studios member, I agree to and abide by the following requirements:


  • Members must always portray a positive image when representing WODU Studios and Old Dominion University through what they say and play on the air, and at mobile events. No profanity is to be used.

  • Members should attend all scheduled staff meetings.

  • Members who broadcast shows must do so regularly and on time. Schedule must be honored.

  • Equipment and CDs are not to be removed from the station, except for use at a mobile event. These items are not for personal use.

  • Members must leave the studio, lobby, and production room in order. Throw away all trash and do not leave papers or CDs lying around.

  • Food and drink is not to be consumed in the studio.

  • Members must abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the WODU Studios constitution, bylaws, executive board, and the University

  • All dues must be paid before your membership is approved. 

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