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Make It Happen Mondays!

Make it Happen Monday

Hi my name is Patrick Martin and I am a senior and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc

Monday from 5:00pm-6:00pm

Personal Twitter : @MartyMarr__

Make it Happen Monday Twitter : @MIHMonday

Personal Instagram : @m4rtym4rr_

Make it Happen Monday Instagram : @mihmonday

I will provide the campus with an exciting media outlet provided by WODU. I will be holding various conversations, interviews, and doing a prank call segment. 

ORF Rock

   “Rocking the ORF from the Hague to the Wharf” – Playing lesser known rock and roll you won’t find on regular radio.

      Hosts – Penny Baker an Les Coole

      Monday from 7-8pm

    Facebook – ORF Rock, Instagram – orfrock

This is On The Mic, where “we try to open your ears, to further your sight.” Streaming live on Tuesdays from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., tune in with the crew Shorty, Roger Njunge, and D’V as we give you your daily dose of medicine. Get into the #SPOTLIGHT where viewers control the day’s content. Catch the #MICDROP, where we keep you in the loop with the latest music releases. Get featured on #GRINDTIME, where we showcase talent, and finally, join us for #ENCORE, where we celebrate the show’s successes with crazy events.


Don’t miss out on anything, follow us on Instagram to stay plugged in.

@Shortydo1, @RogerNjunge and @DVB_._

By Any Means Necessary

Wednesday 5pm-7pm


What is it about? Often times, we see what it happening in our world around us and we become frustrated and we let it make us hard or jaded. I believe in people, and in solutions. My show will, By Any Means Necessary discuss these issues and instead of complaining promote positive thoughtful solutions as well as create a platform for listeners to have their voice heard. Community building will be promoted through the promotions of small businesses, and community events. Music and Film will also be intertwined in all I do because that is a passion of mines. Negative and Hurtful music and speech will not be promoted as it is the opposite of all I stand for. Building a tore down community is my goal.


What are the segments? Each show is intentional with sections to encourage. Educate and entertain. The segments below are listed in order. I put explanations next to the ones that are not self-explanatory


  • Campus Announcements

  • On this day in Black History

  • Naturally You Shout Outs- Two people will be recognized and celebrated for promoting natural beauty. One is usually local and one on the national scale. 

  • Real Eyes, Realize- 3 hot topic stories will be discussed 

  • Small Business Shout Outs

  • Light it Up Quote- A positivity quote 

  • I See you!- Acknowledging people helping the community 

  • By Any Means Necessary I will...- Guests will say and sign the board I created for the show with what they will personally do to improve either their life or the community. 

  • 2 songs are played every show that goes along with the theme for that day. 

Music for teens/ young adults to introduce them to a positive not so much negative music. To change the narrative of music that our youth listen to and being bombard with as life style. Using music as an art form as representation for change. With WODU RADIO/ The Frequency Distribution alluded to some emotional problem youth are faced with on a daily basis with negative music. Having call-in and interviews local and national recording artists to talk about what they are trying to change in the industry. Plus one my dj to do a Live mix on air.   Leading the charge The Frequency Distribution with the host, Henderson Vaughan aka Captain85 Bachelor of fine art major at ODU. 


The Show Airs on Saturday 10 am - 1 pm.  


Contract  Henderson Vaughan 757.630.9745

Hello, our names are Alexis, Christina, Dashia, Destiny, and Destinee. Our show is called Tea Table. The show premiers on Tuesdays at 5 PM. Our show is about women empowerment, colorism, relationship advice, college advice, and gossip. We came up with the idea for the show by listening to the Breakfast Club. Their radio show is funny and entertaining and it always gives their fans the hottest gossip. We hope to make women feel great about themselves no matter what color their skin is and to empower and uplift other women. We want to provide a safe space for women to feel comfortable talking about their insecurities, struggles with school, or relationships. We also want to have a fun show where we provide the hottest gossip on and off campus. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on the show.

Social media handles:

Twitter: TeaTableODU

Instagram: teatable_odu

Real Talk

Host: Tae & Zaire

Friday: 5pm - 6pm


This is where you’ll hear about what’s relevant, upcoming events, entertaining news, the realest conversations, and listen to the hottest music. We will keep you informed and inspired to be great! So tune in an show some love!!!


Instagram: @Realtalk.odu

Twitter: @RealTalkODU

Snapchat: @Realtalkodu



“Great People, Great Music, Great Conversation”


Dungeon Master: Paul Puchalla

To the south, the expansionistic Ithulian empire pushes its borders ever outward. to the north the once great empire of Hal Thael stirs from its idleness. In the eye of this brewing storm sits the small kingdom of Minarra, caught between the political machinations of Hal Thael and the imperialism of Ithulia. Now an anti-social lizard, a narcoleptic ex-soldier, a nekomimi of the night, a cultist, an unemployed gnome, and a monk loyal to her country must walk a dangerous path on the razor’s edge, with war and chaos on one side, and death and destruction on the other. 

The Worst Podcast Ever


Kaelen, Brendon, and Zak are the hosts of “The Worst Podcast Ever.” They are from Richmond, VA and Washington DC and are all juniors here at Old Dominion University. Listen to “The Worst Podcast Ever” for news, trends in pop culture, and hot topics in the Rap and R&B music scene. We came up with the idea for the show by listening to and being fans of the Joe Budden Podcast. We hope to create conversations and shed more light onto the culture and have more intellectual debates about hip-hop. Follow us on our social media handles to stay updated on the show.

Instagram: @wodu_wpe


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