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We broadcast a wide variety of programming via Channel 70 on ODU cable television and online via YouTube.


The newest branch of WODU Studios, aims to provide the ODU community with quality programming.

Community Outreach

We provide support to the greater community through underwriting and public service announcements.

Welcome to WODU Studios. 

WODU is the student radio station for Old Dominion University. It is 100% student ran and managed. The station is open to a variety of formats. WODU has Sports, Talk, Metal, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Classis Rock, Alt Rock, Indie, and even live bands sessions
Here, students that are interested in participating in radio, broadcasting, journalism, music production, video production, and more, are welcome to bring their creativity to the forefront. We are always looking for new ideas and insight into creating the best experience for all our members new and current. Come check our our site and join today to become part of our WODU family. 
WODU - Let's Change The Conversation

Welcome and thank you for your interest in WODU Studios!
We have it all. From Metal, to Hip-Hop and Indie Submarine Sponge Folk Hipster Rockabillly!
So we are sure you have a place with us here!

We have places for members who are interested in hosting their own music, talk, sports, or really anything show!
We have places for members who are interested in the business side of being in the music / entertainment / radio / sports broadcasting / television business!

If you are a creative, idea driven person, then we want you!

What is your biggest interest at WODU Studios?

Don't worry you will be able to select more in just a few moments.

 Show Host

 Video Production / Host

 Sports Broadcaster

 Audio Production

 Music Management

 Promotions / Events / Public Relations

 Studio Business / Operations

 Audio / Video Engineering


 Voice Over / Narration


Station Staff

WODU Studios enjoys hearing from its listeners.


If you have a local event you would like to have on our website or talked about on air, please click the link below.


Contact Us!

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1071 Webb Center

Norfolk, VA, 23529

Requests: 757-683-4405
Office: 757-683-6391

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