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2019 Alumni Honors & Awards Banquet

WODU alumni are more than just a graduate from a college. They are members of a family that stays with you forever. Many do not realize that WODU is not just communications, media, film and broadcasting majors. It is nurses, engineers, writers, game designers, musicians, producers, teachers, accountants, and marketing students. WODU does not cater to a specific demographic. It desires the student that wants to create. WODU has paved the path for Universal Studios executives, CBS executives, music label owners, station engineers, authors, video game designers, and radio show hosts. 

WODU is more than a student organization with an alumnus. It is a way of life for some students. Some of those contributions of years past, live on in WODU today. Without them, we would be nothing. Come and help us celebrate all those members that have come before us and allow us to show you where we have come and where we are going!


WODU Awards Banquet Invite 2018 (1).png

       WODU is one of the longest solely student run organizations within Old Dominion University. It is a partial educational and partial professional development student organization. Here we are dedicated to developing students across many majors and desired career paths. WODU started life officially as a small licensed AM radio station, in a single room in what is now the ODU Alumni Center. Over the decades, WODU has moved from building to building while maintaining a heavy participation and viewer and subscriber base. Currently, WODU runs out of the Webb University Center in South Mall.

       In the last three years, it has transitioned from a simple broadcast radio station to be the fully student ran FM radio, Online Radio and Television, and College Radio FX Station. Additionally, WODU is now a full broadcast TV station on campus and live streaming YouTube content creation studio with over 20,000 viewers total each month. Recently, WODU was awarded the top 100 college stations at 89!
       The community is responsible for all the success at WODU throughout the years. Where many student organizations focus on a single category or even major, WODU students span across all majors. WODU has student teams of Public Relations, Promotions, Business Management, Financial Management, Audio Engineering, Production, Video Game Design, Broadcast Journalism, and much more. These students are not just communications students. These are nursing, education, geography, biology, engineering, information technology, and much more. We truly are for all students here and believe that the true diversity at WODU allows for the success we continue to have. Diversity isn’t just in the majors though. Students here are from all walks of life. We have local students, out of state students, international students, athletes, even some staff are part of WODU. This year alone, we had our first director for the Video Game Division and our first Female Sports Director. Students are the soul of WODU and the differences bring us strength, never weakness.

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