Get It Together

No genre is left untouched in this theme based music show. Essentially a bunch of songs based on a theme.

Host: Dave Blevins

Monday 2 p.m.

Make It Happen Monday

MIHM intends to be a show where people can feel a sense of positivity even on the days that may not seem so bright. The goal of the show is to provide a free atmosphere for discussion, promotion, and an invitation for success.

Host: Courtney Nycole aka God's Lyricist

Monday 5 p.m.


Lets Give Praise Music Ministry with The Voice Of Inspiration

A music show that centers around gospel.

Host: Henderson Vaughn

Tuesday 11 a.m.


Time To Get Ill

Old School Hip-Hop from the 1970s, 1980s, and 200s. Featuring new tracks by old school artists in a segment called Back 2 The Future and current tracks by newer artists that capture the old school vibe. 

Host: Dave Blevins

Tuesday 2 p.m.


The Eclectic Collection

“Make it up as you go along”

Shut up and listen as various styles of music from across the world and generations are played. With no specific genres or themes, there is nothing homogeneous about this music show. At the very least, you won’t be bored!

Host: Ericka

Wednesday & Friday 1 p.m.


Licensed To Rant

This is a show that curates engagement between the audience and the things which enrich their lives. By discussing how topics such as current events, trends, and entrepreneurship relate to consumer marketing and interests. Creative Cultural Connections builds bridges between people with ideas and those in need of them. This show brings in insightful guests, generates dialogue with the audience, and engages in real life events because some events are just too big to be contained within the studio.

Host: Antonio Jemes

Wednesday 4 p.m.


The Best Of 757 Community Talk Show

Playing local and national gospel, inspirational music. This talk show hosts special guest(s) that are mostly community leaders, local artists, celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Host: Henderson Vaughn

Thursday 12 p.m.



The place where the underground sounds in punk, hardcore, metal, indie, and local music converge in the 757.

Host: Dave Blevins

Friday 2:30 p.m.


Real Talk

This show features a trio who focus on audience interaction. Discussing topics related to current events, Real Talk aims to connect its listeners to the broader world and find answers to the question “what can we do about it?”

Host: Kevanta

Friday 5 p.m.


Frequency Distribution

This show plays local and national artists and act to motivate the young listeners and try to change the negative to positive in hopes to stop bullying and violence in our community.

Host: Henderson Vaughn

Saturday 10 a.m.


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