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CineGrain Pro Collection All Pack |BEST| Download


CineGrain Pro Collection all pack download

Category:Film editing Category:Digital filmQ: Accessing enum type in C++ I have an enum like this: enum foo { A = 0, B = 1 }; And I would like to convert the current state to a string, as in: printf("current state is %s", foo_current_state_to_string(foo::B)); I have no idea how to do this without it just giving me a compile error. A: Simply write printf("current state is %s", "B"); A: The simple solution is to write printf("current state is %s", "B"); The reason is that enum are just a special case of int type. So you can treat it as a int type and use some nice features of int type. A: You should just be able to use an int: int foo = foo::B; printf("current state is %d ", foo); (Of course, you'll need to change the implementation to actually use the integer value instead of just storing the int.)

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CineGrain Pro Collection All Pack |BEST| Download

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